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Choice Consulting utilizes the PDCA Cycle to help your business THRIVE!

Organizations need a coherent and comprehensive model to guide them to improve.

Choice Consulting follows the same model as the ISO Standard.  The PDCA – Plan Do Check Act Model.

The Choice Consulting Model utilizes this model to guide the organization using a strategic map grounded in a systems approach.

The quality principles are employed to guide decisions and actions.

This allows the organization to analyze and understand, map strategies, and make strategic and fact based decisions that are sustainable.

Choice Consulting Model Part 1
PLAN – Organizational Assessment (OA) and Strategic Planning:

Choice Consulting provides an assessment instrument and assists companies to organize and coordinate an Organizational Assessment.

The assessment report identifies strengths and opportunities for improvement for organizations.

  • Facilitate training that promotes understanding of improvement and strategic planning.
  • Use OA data to identify long and short term goals and objectives along with action plans.

OUTCOME: Agreement on organizational strengths and opportunities for improvement, Strategic Plan and stakeholder agreement on strategies, timelines, responsibilities, and resources needed.

Choice Consulting Model Part 2
DO – Implementation:

Choice Consulting coordinates the execution of the internationally recognized quality management system, ISO 9000, into the organization.

  • The ISO Standard is aligned with the criteria for achieving the Baldrige Award.
  • The ISO 9000 Standard has increased efficiency and effectiveness in organizations around the world.
  • Provide training and support in identified areas.
  • Provide templates, samples, protocols, and support.
  • Assist in the development of and provide oversight for processes to monitor implementation.
  • Train staff, hold meetings, and support
  • OUTCOME: Implementation of the Strategic Plan and a quality management system.

Choice Consulting Model Part 3
CHECK – Process and System Management:

Choice Consulting assists with the development of processes that promote continuous improvement to accountability.  Ongoing management reviews and corrective and preventive actions to ensure customer satisfaction is reached.  Internal auditing results of departments using statistical reports.

OUTCOME: Effective and efficient operations and respect for reaching ISO 9000 a standard of quality understood throughout the community.

Choice Consulting Model Part 4
ACT – Continuous Improvement:

Once your custom ISO process  system is in place and operating, it is necessary to continually monitor and make improvements.

Choice Consulting:  Your ISO Partner

If your business is in need of a ISO procedures plan, or if  you are struggling with your current system, Choice Consulting can help you with your ISO Certification needs.

About Choice Consulting:

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The professionals at Choice Consulting are ISO certification experts and can help you and your company implement a quality management system or achieve ISO 9001 certification in all 50 states or even internationally.

We specialize in quality assurance & quality management ISO 9001, as well as help with documentation, implementation & training to achieve ISO certification.

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