ISO 9001:2018 Management Review Guidelines

Choice Consulting Management Review Guidelines

Choice Consulting Management Review Guidelines

One of the many management review requirements for top management in ISO9001, ISO-TS-29001 and AS 9100 is that they set quality objectives “…at relevant functions and levels within the organization.”

When it comes to management review, the first step is always  for top management to determine what are the relevant functions and levels within the organization. This will vary greatly depending on the size and type of the organization.

A couple of overall objectives may be appropriate in some cases, while objectives for every department may be needed in some large complex operations.

Management Review:  Take the First Step

Another requirement in the management review process is that the objectives must “…be measurable and consistent with the quality policy.” And even though one could try and nit pick the verbiage in that it doesn’t say they actually have to be measured, only measurable, the intent that they must be measured is well understood. As with any objective there has to be a target or goal and it is the measurement relative to achieving the goal or target that must be evident.

However during the management review, there has been some misunderstanding regarding the targets or goals related to quality objectives. A common belief is that these have to be a specific number, such as “improve on-time delivery to 99% over the next year”.

Management review:  Continual Improvement

The concept of “continual improvement” denotes that although throughout the management review measurement period the overall trend shows improvement, there could be periods where the trend is in the wrong direction; whereas “continuous improvement” would imply that the data must show an unbroken line of improvement with no periods where the data show a downturn.

When working with your management reviews and business, Choice Consulting will meet with you to set realistic, meaningful and measurable objectives such that all employees can relate to at least one of the objectives with regards to how their job activities can help achieve the objective of the management review.

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