Warning… ISO 9001:2015 Standard Requires A Quality Policy!

Your businesses quality policy is an essential part of the QMS.

Your businesses quality policy is an essential part of your QMS.

The standards for a quality management system (QMS), viz. ISO 9001, ISO-TS-29001 and AS 9100 all require top management to set a quality policy.

All too often management gets carried away and philosophizes extensively about mission statements and corporate philosophies and tries to make all that into a quality policy.

Avoiding Common Quality Policy Problems

The problem with such an extensive “policy” is that it is nearly impossible to put into ones own words in any succinct way.

The above standards also require that top management insure that the policy is understood by all employees.

Any policy that is much more than a couple of simple sentences will be difficult at best for all employees to understand, much less be able to communicate that understanding to an auditor.

Therefore when developing a quality policy, it is essential to follow the KISS principle.

There is no specific requirement regarding what the policy must say, only that it must be appropriate to the purpose of the organization, include a commitment to comply with requirements and a commitment to continually improving the effectiveness of the QMS.

A compliant policy can be constructed in no more than two sentences such that it can easily be paraphrased by any employee.

If you have an extensive quality policy that is difficult to understand and/or hard to paraphrase, you should re-examine whether it is really the right policy for your organization.

Choice Consulting Can Help You Implement A Successful Quality Policy

When working with clients, Choice Consulting will meet with top management to set a simple, yet effective quality policy that not only conforms to the requirements of the QMS standard being used, but that is easy for employees to relate to and to state in their own words.

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