Choice Consulting: ISO Certification Specialists

Specializing in ISO 9000:2015 Certification, Choice Consulting works with a wide variety of organizations in the areas of manufacturing, health care, education, government, service industry and non- profit.

Choice Consulting... Helping Your BusinessPut All the ISO Pieces Together!

Choice Consulting… Helping You and Your Business Put All the ISO Pieces Together!

We involve numerous experts and partners to work with your staff, and will also bring an array of tools, materials and strategies to help facilitate and monitor sustainable improvement.

Choice Consulting uses a variety of activities to assist organizations with organizational assessment (OA), strategic planning and the implementation of ISO 9000 to the certification of the organization.

In our experience, many consultants use a “canned” or “one-size-fits-all” approach to the Quality Management System (QMS) documentation.

The result of this approach is that YOU work for the system rather than the SYSTEM WORKING FOR YOU.

Choice Consulting works with you and your employees to tailor the QMS documentation to your specific operation, and keep the documentation simple and to a minimum. The only documentation you should need is what is required for your organization and anything else that you believe will add value to the system.

Choice Consulting:  Business Strategies Built on Success

In addition to preparing the QMS Documentation which includes the Quality Manual, Quality Procedures and any needed forms, Choice Consulting will help you implement the system by:

  • Helping you establish the required Quality Policy and Quality Objectives
    – a requirement
  • Helping you define your QMS processes and flowchart them to describe the interaction – a requirement
  • Training your Management Representative as needed
    – Management Rep is a requirement
  • Training the staff, including top management, regarding the requirements
  • Helping with the selection of the Registrar (Certifying Body), and the selection of the Registrar’s Auditor(s)
  • Insuring you have an effective process for controlling documents & records
    a requirement
  • Insuring you have an effective process for controlling nonconforming product
    a requirement
  • Insuring you have an effective corrective and preventive action process
    a requirement
  • Conducting your required internal audits – internal audits required
  • Assisting in your first required management review and preparing the required record of the review

Can Choice Consulting help me if I already have an ISO system in place?

YES!  If you already have a QMS documentation system that is weighing you down and you are struggling to maintain it, or you don’t believe it adds value to your organization, Choice Consulting will assess it’s effectiveness and propose how it can be streamlined and simplified.

About Choice Consulting:

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The professionals at Choice Consulting are ISO certification experts and can help you and your company implement a quality management system or achieve ISO 9001:2015 certification in all 50 states or even internationally.

We specialize in ISO 9001:2015 quality assurance & quality management, as well as documentation, implementation & training to achieve ISO certification.

Team Spotlight

Peggy Carr | Choice Consulting

Introducing the newest member of our team, Peggy Carr. Peggy has 20 years experience in the construction field. Peggy also has NACE codes for construction, roadway construction, and transport and is an ISO auditor.

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